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Meeting John Gurche!!

When I got an offer of the Bartels Intern at Cornell, one of the ideas came to my head was "I should get a chance to meet John Gurche!" He is a famous paleo-artist in recidence at the Museum of the Earth in Ithaca who focuses especially on human origins and on dinosaurs. I owned his book and used his reconstructed view of early humans for my reference of paleo art many times.

His most recent work was a reconstruction of Homo naledi, a new hominin species found South Africa (check out the National Geographic Magazine next month!) There was his talk at the Museum of the Earth for this reconstruction and I finally could get a chance to meet him! Later, I could get a chance to visit his studio and look at his on-going work (reconstruction of Homo georgicus!) It was AWESOME. (John agreed to put the photo on my website.)


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