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"Art in the Service of Science"


Welcome to Misaki Ouchida's website. I love science and I love art. I am enthusiastic about combining those two. I believe an illustration, a visual representation that is the result of art skills is one of the strongest media to connect science and art. 


"Illustrations can translate visual information of the nature, such as shapes, anatomy, details and concepts that cannot be conveyed via words." (The Guild Handbook of Scientific Illustration)      

such as  Natural Science illustration.


"... can reconstruct shards and pieces into a unified whole and bring to life that cannot be photographed." (Phyllis Wood, Scientific Illustrator) 

such as Paleo Art.


"... can simplify or summarize the essence of a subject and can ghost in what is underneath or inside." (Phyllis Wood, Scientific Illustrator)

such as Medical Illustration.


On this site, I will post my work of Natural Science illustration, Paleo Art and Medical Illustration. I will keep honing my skills and acquiring knowledge.


I hope you enjoy visiting my galleries!

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