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The Scientific Process Diagram



The scientific method is usually shown as linear process, although in actuality it is much more fluid. This diagram for school children in the BirdSleuth K-12 program outlines how the process of science works by using bird feeding as an example. 

The poster is included Investigating Evidence, free resources downloadable at

Conceptual Sketch

Marie and Albert (2014)


These characters, Marie and Albert were created for my physicist friend for a use of his Experimental physics class at Goethe University Frankfurt. I grew up with Dragon Ball series and my cartoon style is apparently strongly influenced by Toriyama-sensei.  

Initial Sketch of Marie and Albert. Originally Marie looked younger and Albert looked older, but I was asked to make them look similar age couple.

Sue and Fido (2014)


The mobile messaging platform "Line" started Line Creators Market in 2014, that lets users make and sell their own sticker sets. Since I love bones, I created Sue (Human Skeleton) and Fido (Dog Skeleton) stickers and released them in October 2014 without any advertising. About 2,500 sets were sold in a year in 24 different countries--most were sold in Japan, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

I really enjoyed checking out the status day by day. Thank you Line for providing users to see those analyses.


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