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Belongings and Tools at Work

After completing illustration map series of CiRA News Letter, I proposed the new idea for the next cover series. This time, I wanted to focus on people working at CiRA.

In 2018, about 600 people are working at CiRA (about 4 times larger than the beginning!) Roughly about half of people are directly related to research, such as professors, research assistants, students and the other half are support staffs, such as administrators, secretaries, and so on. I learnt that both researchers and research supporters are equally important for conducting diverse research projects.

The idea of this cover series is to show researchers on one side and research supporters on the other side, surrounded by their belongings and materials they use in work. I thought this idea would be also interesting for those who are interested in academic careers.


Anika Reinhardt at the interview room

In each issue, my colleague and I interviewed researchers and research supporters about their jobs and career paths. I also asked them to bring their bags and show the contents.

For example, Anika Reinhardt, a postdoctoral researcher of CiRA cooperated for the issue vol. 36. She is also a member of CiRA’s marathon club, so I decided to draw her in sports wear


Her belongings in a bag. (after getting her permission, I displayed them on the table and took photos in high angle shot.

After the interview, we asked her to visit her work space. Researchers usually work at the open lab at CiRA, where plenty of materials are present. I enjoyed drawing many experimental materials together with her belongings.

The full News Letter can be downloaded at the following links:





(Japanese only)


Her open lab space. So many technical goods are on the table.

Line drawing of the cover. Roughly, above half are the materials inside of her bag and below half are the materials found in her working space

Finished cover. The background shows CiRA’s logo.

The cover for the Issue Vol. 33 (right: a research student, left: science communicator).

The cover for the Issue Vol. 34 (right: a professor, left: administration official).

The cover for the Issue Vol. 35 (right: a postdoctoral researcher, left: technician).

The cover for the Issue Vol. 36 (right: a postdoctoral researcher, left: technical staff).

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