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Key visual for

CiRA 2017 International Symposium

After 2017, CiRA organize the next international symposium in Nov. 2019. I am one of the CiRA 2019 International Symposium committee members and in charge of creating the key visual, as I did in 2017.


The theme for this symposium is "iPSCs Changing the Future of Science and Medicine." I found the theme was much harder to visualize than the last symposium.

Anyhow, I created two rough images, the motif for the first one is “lighting”. There is radiated light from the top of “I.” The camphor tree and the clock tower are the symbol of Kyoto University. The motif for the other one is “mach wave”. The image of iPS cell traveling with a sort of the speed of sound, or next level technology creating a pressure wave. All people of the committee members voted for the latter one.


Two rough images that I presented to the committee members.

Beginning of this “mach wave” idea, I had to also put the hint of Japanese since the symposium is held in Japan. After a while, I came into an idea to make the waves look like Kimono robes. I selected traditional and seasonal patterns for the robes.

Final image of the key visuals. 

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